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Samer BaydounI still remember the first year a computer entered our home, that was on 1994,  I remember how much curious I was to know about every functionality in that magic stuff. Within short time I was introduced to the “programming” basic concepts and attracted by the charm of creativity available in that domain. I began to use QBasic, passed through C++, OOP and database concepts, Visual Basic and finally web domain.

Now, I am a graduate of Professional Diploma in Computing and Business Applications and working as web developer.

I believe in development and change, the language of IT domain, and that the key of success is in the coupling of “knowledge” and “creativity” which I followed as web developer then project manager. I had the chance to participate in the CYEA award for developing the Content Management System of the company that I was working for (SWS). Then I enjoyed working in different teams and environments, that are more detailed on my profile.

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